Bio Oil Reviews

Bio Oil Reviews

According the  majority of the bio oil reviews conducted by some users and experts, bio oil is supposed to improve stretch marks appearance, scars on the skin and even uneven the tone of the user’s skin. Many of bio oil reviews echoes the manufactures proposition that bio oil is highly recommendable especially for aging skin.

Over the recent years there has been several bio oil reviews done by many people from various parts of the world. All these bio oil reviews have been needed by the increasing hype revolving around bio oil. Many, even those involved in coming up with some bio oil reviews have been wondering what probably can be the ingredients of such miraculous product.

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What is bio oil?

Bio oil is a special formulation for skin care which is supposed to improve the appearance of the skin and stretch marks, scars and even improve tone of the user’s skin. Bio oil contains PurCellin oil which is regarded as a skin breakthrough ingredient. However, being a cosmetic product like any other, the emphases put on it effectiveness by its manufacturer and promoters has led to many bio oil reviews. This is as a result of its rising popularity among users and beauticians.Bio oil reviews

Several bio oil reviews goes on to say that bio oil still works perfectly well for other skin concerns such as dehydration, pimples, among other health matters of the skin.

However, there are some bio oil reviews which have expressed skepticism regarding the effectiveness of bio oil. Going by the roles described by the manufacture of bio oil, these bio oil reviews express concerns that, the oil is then supposed to work some miracles on the user’s skin.

Although it is clear that many of the bio oil reviews are done after thorough research, the reactions of responders to such surveys vary. There are those who agrees that bio oil really works as per the manufacturer’s claim while others say it does not. Perhaps, from reports of studies and surveys cited in these bio oil reviews, one can tell the real effectiveness of bio oil without bias from the manufacturer’s and product promoters.


Pros of bio oil

Despite some bio oil reviews criticizing the product effectiveness as purported by the manufacturer, there are certain facts that comes out clearly in a majority of bio oil reviews.

These includes the following;

  • Its smell: many agrees that bio oil smells really pleasant unlike some mineral oil brands in the market today.
  • Scars: a large number of bio oil reviews remarks that boi oil really works for skins with large scars and stretch marks. These bio oil reviews says that bio oil makes such scars and stretch marks less visible.
  • Redness and pigmentation: although these bio oil reviews says that much of this category is not visible, they do observe that it decrease their visibility.
  • Several bio oil reviews also observe that bio oil reduces the appearance of spots and fine lines.
  • Soft skin: many reviews observes that after using bio oil, the skin is supple and soft the following day
  • Some  also says that bio oil lightens the tone of the user’s skin and makes scars less red.


Cons of bio oil

Despite all these positive observations about the effectiveness of bio oil, several other bio oil reviews have come up with negative observations coming from the product users. These include the following;

i)      Several  users said that bio oil does not get absorbed by the skin fast and well like other mineral oil products

ii)     Other bio oil reviews observes that bio oil has too much perfume in it. This is not okay for some users.

iii)    There are some bio oil reviews which also says that some users says bio oil gives users some greasy feeling.

iv)   Breakout problems: a number of bio oil reviews also gives instance where responders said bio oil elevated their breakout problems but did not have sufficient evidence for this.


Side effects

According to many bio oil reviews, consumers expressed mixed reaction about their knowledge of any side effect of bio oil. However, these bio oil reviews did not establish any instance where the user reported negative effect of bio oil.

Bio oil reviews cited instances where users of this product were worried because many companies tell people not to use mineral oil. This was enough reason for them to worry while using bio oil as it is a mineral oil. However, bio oil reviews established that the manufacturer  cleared these fears by asserting that the product does not cause cancer, leech vitamins and minerals from their skin, and also it does not dehydrate the user’s skin.

Therefore, these bio oil reviews concluded that since bio oil is a product that is authorized for sale, it  must have met FDA and international standards before venturing both local and international market.


Bio Oil Reviews Testimonies

However, despite the varied reactions reported by all the available bio oil reviews, bio oil has been used by many people, majority of whom have echoed positive effects of the product. Many of these bio oil reviews cite women who have testified about their different experiences in using different products.

There are women who have used other products while carrying their first pregnancy trying to avoid stretch marks after delivery. As per majority of bio oil reviews, these products have proved futile. However, on using bio oil with their following pregnancies, they experienced overwhelming impacts with stretch marks even those from their previous pregnancies disappearing.

Other bio oil reviews cites testimonies of users who have had surgical scars for many years. They testify that they have tried to deal with the scars for many years using a number of oils prescribed by physicians, friends or even relatives. All these proved ineffective for a long while. However, bio oil reviews observes that on using bio oil, these victims of surgical scars experienced positive results they were longing to have for years.


Bio Oil Reviews Conclusion

In a nut shell, the product is more effective than other products purported to perform similar roles. Although bio oil makes the skin oily and greasy for sometimes it does more good which surpasses that. Some reviews even cited instances where some users noticed some improvement in absorption after using bio oil for sometimes.

It also came out clearly that over 80% of people involved in these studies said bio oil healed their scars significantly.

The majority of  bio oil reviews conclude that bio oil really works for many people with different skin types and problems.

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